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Party Promo

Join us on December 6th @ 11AM Pacific Time to celebrate our 1-year anniversary. We'll be interviewing two of our favorite immersion learning YouTubers: Lamont from Days of French 'n' Swedish, and Mr. Salas.

We're also giving away some awesome prizes including free immersion tools, hundreds of dollars in iTalki credits, and Refold merch! Fill out the linked survey below to enter the raffle!


If you have any trouble let us know at:

New To Refold?

The Refold community is a network of connected Discord servers for people using Refold to learn languages. Join us to make friends, ask questions, and find countless new learning resources!

Use the link above to join the "Refold Central" server: the main hub of the community. From there, select your target language to join the community for that language.