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The Roadmap to
True Fluency

What is Refold?

The Refold roadmap is a step-by-step guide for learning any language from scratch. We explain exactly how to combine media, strategic study, and educational technologies to achieve high-level language fluency faster than any other method in the world.

Why Should I Try Refold?

  • Reach Fluency

    High-level fluency in any language. Guaranteed.

  • It’s Fun

    No boring textbooks or painful Tarzan speak.

  • Free Forever

    The knowledge is free and the tools are optional.

Quickstart Guides

Everything you need for your first 100 days of language study. Click on your language to get started!



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Is Refold Right for Me?

Do you want a high level of fluency? Then Yes! Refold is right for you.

Do you want to have basic conversations on your vacation? Then, no, this method is overkill.

We’re not gonna lie to you. Actually becoming fluent takes time, usually years. We make the process straightforward and fun, but it’s your responsibility to show up every day and dedicate yourself.

Ready to get serious about language learning?