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Immersion learning is very different from traditional methods. Before you embark on your language learning journey, you need to prepare. This section gives you a tour of the method, mindset, and tools that you’ll be using throughout the journey.


  1. Language Acquisition
  2. Roadmap Overview


It’s important to have the right mindset going into the process. The following articles will help you unlearn broken methods of language learning and get into an immersion learning mindset.

  1. Enjoy the Language
  2. Tolerate the Ambiguity

Core Activities

Throughout your journey to fluency you’ll be relying on three core activities: active immersion, passive listening, and active study. Below, we’ve supplied an overview of each of these core activities.

  1. Active Immersion
  2. Passive Listening
  3. Active Study

Level Up

The goal of Stage 0 is to provide an overview of the Refold method. Once you've read through the articles you're ready to move on to Stage 1.


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